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Top Ten Posts of 2012

January 2, 2013


Make sure you didn’t miss anything! Take a look with ZIPCodeMaps.com at the top ten blog posts of the past year. 10. Examples of Target Market Profiles 9. New Vehicles Help Businesses Save on Travel and Delivery Costs 8. The Most Popular Cars By ZIP Code   7. What do ZIP Codes Tell you About your Customers: Crime 6. […]

Map Mondays: Cities With the Most Religious Diversity

December 31, 2012


While the US is still a majority Christian nation (about 76% of the country identifies as such), there are some cities with great amounts of religious diversity.  ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look.    While the Christmas season is a time of celebration, giving, and spending time with family and friends, not all people celebrate the federally […]

Direct Marketing Trends of 2012

December 28, 2012


2012 was a big year in the marketing world.  ZIPCodeMaps.com looks at some of the most popular direct marketing trends of 2012.    If 2012 showed us anything, it’s that direct mail is still a valuable resource for direct marketers.  In the digital age, marketers have begun to drift away from direct mail in favor […]

Postage Rate Increases in 2013

December 27, 2012


The New Year marks an increase in postage rates.  How will these rate hikes affect your business’ marketing and advertising campaigns?  ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look.    Starting January 27th, 2013, postage rates will increase in the following areas:   Standard Mail Flats 2.617% Standard Mail Letters 2.61% Standard Mail Parcels 3.081% Standard Mail High Density […]

Determining If There Is a Market For Your Product

December 26, 2012


If your business is offering a new product or service, how do you know if it will be successful?  ZIPCodeMaps.com helps you determine if there is a market out there for your new product.    The first step in determining if there is a market for your product is to look for any gaps in […]

Map Mondays: New York Neighborhoods With The Most Out-of-Towners

December 24, 2012


Knowing how many residents in your area are locals and how many are out-of-towners can be beneficial for your business.  ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look at a New York Map for this week’s Map Monday.    WYNC’s Data News Team recently put together a map to show which areas of the Five Boroughs attract more out-of-towners—individuals […]

Mailing Letters To Santa

December 21, 2012


In the spirit of the holiday season, ZIPCodeMaps.com investigates what really happens to all those letters addressed to Santa Claus.       Although some people (mostly Grinches) believe that letters to Santa Claus simply end up at local landfills, postal workers, volunteers, and average citizens have been lending a helping hand in answering these letters […]

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The Most Popular Cars By ZIP Code

December 20, 2012


There are many different ways to measure a population.  Today, ZIPCodeMaps.com looks at the most popular cars in a handful of ZIP Codes.  What do these car choices say about the populations in these ZIP Codes?   The saying goes, “you are what you eat.”  But when you look at how a person’s personality and […]

Men Defy Demographic Stereotypes

December 19, 2012


You can’t base a marketing strategy on demographic stereotypes.  ZipCodeMaps.com shows you how men have defied every demographic stereotype when it comes to shopping.    Most people believe that men spend little time searching the web to compare prices or on social media sites researching purchases.  The stereotype suggests that women are the avid, intelligent […]

See Results From Your Holiday Mailing List in 5 Steps

December 18, 2012


Sending your holiday offers to anyone and everyone is not the best way for your business to succeed.  ZIPCodeMaps.com gives you a way to see increased results from your holiday mailing list—in just 5 steps.    Step 1. Picture the perfect customer If your business is sending out a special holiday offer, who do imagine […]

Map Mondays: Which States Bounced Back From Recession the Quickest?

December 17, 2012


Some economists say we may be in for another recession soon.  If that happens, you may want to move your business to one of these states.  ZIPCodeMaps.com looks at which states bounced back from recession the quickest.       Economic recovery takes time and patience.  For many states, it is a slow and difficult […]

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Tips For Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

December 14, 2012


The holidays can account for anywhere from 20 to 40% of a business’ annual sales.  ZIPCodeMaps.com shows you ways to make the most of the holiday season by designing a great holiday marketing campaign.    Change your online and in-store presence A new holiday banner for your retail location, Facebook page, or website will help […]

Which Demographic Segments Are Missing Your Online Ads

December 13, 2012


According to recent studies, 20% of Americans aren’t online.  That’s a large segment of the population that doesn’t see your online ads.  ZIPCodeMaps.com looks at which demographics segments are missing your ads.    You may need to take your online advertising campaign back to the drawing board.  If your target market includes the elderly, Spanish […]

Busting ZIP Code Myths

December 12, 2012


There are a lot of things that ZIP Codes are and a lot of things that ZIP Codes aren’t.  ZIPCodeMaps.com busts what we call “popular ZIP Code myths.”   Myth #1: Each ZIP Code Describes a Specific Neighborhood FALSE In large cities like Brooklyn and Los Angeles, ZIP Codes don’t represent exact neighborhood lines.  A […]

Shopping Malls Deal With Shifting Demographics

December 11, 2012


A small but growing number of real estate owners and developers are tapping into the same demographic change that U.S. politicians have noticed.  ZIPCodeMaps.com shows you how shopping malls are dealing with shifting demographics.    The two fastest growing ethnic groups in America—Hispanics and Asian-Americans—are beginning to affect the way developers build their shopping malls.  […]

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Map Mondays: What Do States Spend On Their Students?

December 10, 2012


It’s a common assumption that the more a state spends on education, the higher its students will rank.  Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that.  ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look.    If our entire education system could improve simply by adding a few more tax dollars to schools’ budgets, than education reform wouldn’t be as difficult […]

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12345: Yes It’s a Real ZIP Code

December 7, 2012


Not only is 12345 a real ZIP Code, but it is the ZIP Code for one of the most mispronounced cities in America: Schenectady, New York.  ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look.    Have you ever seen a phone number or address that you knew had to be fake?  That’s kind of how Schenectady, New York’s 12345 […]

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Demographics Propel Home Care Business

December 6, 2012


The 65 and older population is growing substantially in North America.  This is leading to dynamic growth for businesses like pharmaceutical companies and home care providers.  ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look.      10 years ago, you wouldn’t expect a business that provided live-in home care to the elderly to be worth millions.  Georgia Lloyd didn’t […]

The Highest Income Earning ZIP Codes

December 5, 2012


You’ve seen some of the ZIP Codes with the highest home prices in the country.  Now, ZIPCodeMaps.com shows you some of America’s highest income earning ZIP Codes.     As much as you’ve heard great things about the 90210 ZIP Code in Beverly Hills, California, it is NOT the top earning ZIP in the US.  […]

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A Whole Lot Goes Into a Domino’s Pizza Delivery

December 4, 2012


If you think a pizza delivery is as simple as baking a pizza, loading it into a vehicle, and then taking off, think again.  ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look at what REALLY goes into planning a pizza delivery.    Thanks to advanced technology, we now have the ability to visualize the journey a pizza delivery person […]

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Map Mondays: What Will the Fiscal Cliff Look Like For America

December 3, 2012


You’ve no doubt heard of the dreaded ‘fiscal cliff’ by now.  For Map Monday, ZIPCodeMaps.com explores what going over the fiscal cliff would mean to those states receiving federal funds.    If you haven’t heard about the fiscal cliff yet, here’s a brief overview: back in 2011, law makers and the president agreed on a […]

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A History of ZIP Codes

November 30, 2012


We know today how effective and helpful ZIP Codes have been for individuals and for businesses, but where did ZIP Codes come from?  ZIPCodeMaps.com gives you a quick history lesson on ZIP Codes.    Before the 1940’s, there were no such things as ZIP Codes.  Postal workers were expected to deliver mail going solely by […]

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Looking at Some of The US’s Most Diverse ZIP Codes

November 29, 2012


Since the US is becoming an increasingly diverse landscape, we thought we’d look at ZIP Codes with the highest diversity rates in the country.  ZIPCodeMaps.com shares the US’s most diverse ZIP Codes.    98118 Seattleites from the 98118 ZIP Code are quite proud of their neighborhood.  This ZIP Code includes areas of Columbia City and […]

The Most Impressive Advertising Campaigns of 2012

November 28, 2012


ZIPCodeMaps.com looks at some of the most innovative, memorable, and effective advertising campaigns this year.    Oreo Already one of the most popular brands on Facebook—they have over 28 million fans—Oreo launched a uniquely engaging social media campaign for the company’s 100th anniversary this year.  From June through October, Oreo posted one relevant and branded […]

Do You Find Your Target Market, Or Let It Find You?

November 27, 2012


Is it better to take an active or passive role when finding your target market?  ZIPCodeMaps.com gives you some advice on a critical marketing issue.    Every business needs to find its niche: its unique products, services, and business approach.  Once you have established your business’s niche, target marketing becomes much easier.  But the question […]

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Map Mondays: US Water Costs Skyrocket

November 26, 2012


For Map Monday, ZIPCodeMaps.com looks at a map of the US displaying where water prices have tripled from last year.  If you’re looking for a low-cost business location, you may want to avoid these cities.    According to a USA Today report, “Not all water is created equal.  Pumping it into your home in Atlanta […]

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A Reminder: Send Holiday Mail Early

November 23, 2012


Don’t let your advertising and direct mail pieces get lost in the masses of holiday mail this season.  ZIPCodeMaps.com reminds you to plan out and send your holiday mail early.  Here’s why     Despite many big name companies switching over to digital media and direct email campaigns, the post office still expects to be sorting […]

Who Are Black Friday Shoppers?

November 21, 2012


Are Black Friday shoppers typically older people?  Are they younger?  At which stores do they shop?  ZIPCodeMaps.com looks at the different demographic segments of Black Friday shoppers.    Black Friday has been the most popular shopping day of the year going back to the 1960’s and 70’s.  Book keepers see “Black Friday” as the time […]

Breaking the Direct Mail Rules

November 20, 2012


A famous man once said, “There are two ways to find a breakthrough: play the rules better than anybody else, or break the rules better than anybody else!”  Although this may be true, ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look at the direct mail rules you DON’T want to break.    Experienced direct mail marketer Denny Hatch recently […]

Map Mondays: Tax Incentives For Businesses

November 19, 2012


Certain states have more to offer to a business than others.  For our first Map Monday, ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look at a tax incentive map for businesses in the US.    Nick Kasprak recently wrote an article for TaxFoundation.org discussing the best states for businesses.  He used a map to illustrate the different tax incentives […]

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Integrate Inbound Marketing with Your Direct Mail

November 16, 2012


Direct mail is a powerful marketing tool.  Why not integrate your inbound marketing with your direct mail to produce greater results?  ZIPCodeMaps.com shows you how.    Although direct mail often generates better results than other forms of marketing (such as social media and email), there are many businesses that don’t use direct mail to its […]

The Modern Mailing Universe

November 15, 2012


Business mailing has evolved greatly over the last few decades.  ZIPCodeMaps.com gives you a tour of the modern mailing universe.    It’s hard to believe, but not more than a few decades ago, people were hired to load business mail into envelopes…by hand!  What’s even more amazing is the fact that many address labels had […]

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Direct Mail: Get Better Results With GeoCoding

November 14, 2012


If your company engages in direct mail marketing, it may be a good idea to start GeoCoding to help measure your results.  ZIPCodeMaps.com shows you how GeoCoding can lead to a better evaluation of your direct mail campaign.    Using a direct mail campaign is often viewed as one of the most “old-school” forms of […]

Identifying Postal Carrier Routes

November 13, 2012


How much do you know about postal carrier routes?  Do you know how many there are in the US?  Do you know how much they can save you on your direct mail?  ZIPCodeMaps.com gives you a little lesson on postal carrier routes.    A postal carrier route is a group of addresses that receive the […]

Local TV Stations Target Early Birds

November 12, 2012


Knowing your target market doesn’t just mean knowing their ages and household sizes; it also means knowing when is the best time to market to them.  ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look at local TV stations that know the right time to target their audiences.    Local television stations in Washington, New York, and Boston are adding […]

2013 Will be a Year of Savings For Direct Marketers

November 9, 2012


Companies that use direct mail, catalogs, and direct marketing to communicate with their customers have a lot to look forward to in 2013.  ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look at new promotions the Postal Service is offering.    Mobile Coupon This promotion provides an upfront postage discount for integrating mail with mobile technology.  It will promote the […]

Queens Neighborhood Fighting for a ZIP Code

November 8, 2012


The Glendale neighborhood in Queens, New York is fighting hard to gain its own ZIP Code.  ZIPCodeMaps.com looks at why a simple thing like a ZIP Code is so important to the residents and businesses of Glendale.      New York City is one of the most densely populated areas in the country, yet one […]

The Most Populated ZIP Codes

November 7, 2012


ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look at the ZIP Codes with the highest populations across the country.    Image via ppdsec.com Population size is a big factor in business.  Population size can affect your marketing, employment strategy, and overall business plan.  But just because a ZIP Code has a large population, doesn’t mean that it is better suited for your […]

Which ZIP Codes Donated the Most to the Presidential Campaign?

November 6, 2012


This election year saw a record-breaking number of donations flooding into the hands of both political parties.  ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look at the ZIP Codes that donated the most to the presidential campaign.    With so much money being donated to both the Republicans and the Democrats this election season, who’s keeping track of it […]

Las Vegas’ Target Market

November 5, 2012


Which is the most lucrative demographic for businesses in Sin City?  The answer may surprise you.  ZIPCodeMaps.com looks at which demographic segments Las Vegas hotels and casinos have begun targeting.    Despite the adult themes that run rampant in Las Vegas—drinking, gambling, nightclubs—Sin City has recently started attracting a different kind of demographic.  Darla Grant, […]

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America’s Most Expensive ZIP Code

November 2, 2012


Where is America’s most expensive ZIP Code?  How extravagant is it?  ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look at the ZIP Code with the highest cost of living.  Living in this ZIP Code may send you into bankruptcy…a few times over.  So which ZIP Code tops the list of the most expensive ZIP Codes in America?  None other […]

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Proof of Direct Mail’s Effectiveness

November 1, 2012


Do you doubt the value of direct mail?  This blog may just change your mind.  ZIPCodeMaps.com has proof that direct mail is in fact one of the most effective ways of communicating with your customers.    The fact of the matter is: direct mailing is a huge industry.  Contrary to popular belief, most companies use […]

ZIP Codes with the Highest Unemployment

October 31, 2012


Unemployment has been a hot topic of discussion since the onset of the American recession.  Considering the national average for unemployment is just under 8%, things could be a lot worse.  ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look at the ZIP Codes that have had the highest rates of employment.      Believe it or not, there are […]

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What Do Politicians Spend on Direct Mail?

October 30, 2012


Election Day is upon us.  In one week, we will be deciding on new representatives, new ballot measures, and a new president.  How much money did politicians spend on direct mail campaigning this election season?  ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look.    Although the two presidential candidates have spent millions on social media and televised ads, their […]

New Vehicles Help Businesses Save on Travel and Delivery Costs

October 29, 2012


With rising gas prices and taxes on fuel emissions looming in the near future, businesses have been searching far and wide for ways to save on their travel costs.  ZIPCodeMaps.com shares a few of the suggestions businesses have come up with to save money on their travels and deliveries…including purchasing new company vehicles.    If […]

Preparing Your Business Mail in 4 Steps

October 26, 2012


Do you know how to get the most out of your business mail?  ZIPCodeMaps.com shows you how to prepare your business mail to maximize postal discounts in 4 easy steps.    Direct mail is one of the most effective ways to advertise on a large scale.  Customers typically respond to a piece of direct mail […]