How Often Does Postal Data Change

Posted on September 5, 2012


If your business is using old ZIP Code maps, they could be costing you sales and customers.  Postal data like ZIP Codes and carrier route boundaries don’t always remain the same.  Postal data is always changing.  ZipCodeMaps shows you just how often postal data changes and why it’s important for your business to use the most up-to-date data. 

 Most people believe ZIP Codes remain fairly constant.  This is, however, far from the truth.  ZIP Codes and carrier routes reflect the Post Office’s mail deliveries and when deliveries change, so do these postal data.  Believe it or not, new postal data is released by the United States Postal Service every month.

What do these updates entail?  Well, the most common updates include additions and deletions of ZIP Codes; additions, deletions, and changes to city names; and changes to the primary county due to population shifts.  When you get down to smaller postal geographies, like ZIP+4s, the number of changes increases dramatically.  In any given year there can be as many as 4 million changes to postal data.

You don’t want your business working with out-of-date ZIP Code maps and data.  Changing ZIP Code boundaries can affect your target marketing and direct mail strategies.  If you are targeting ZIP+4s in your direct mail campaign, and suddenly half of your targeted households are assigned a different ZIP+4, you’ve lost valuable customers and mailing discounts.

 Don’t let changing postal data affect your business.  Stay up-to-date with the most accurate postal maps and data from ZipCodeMaps.  We update our maps and data every month, remaining consistent with the updates released by the Post Office.

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