How Drive Time Maps Help Your Deliveries

Posted on September 7, 2012


Every delivery business owner dreams of having the most skilled, qualified drivers.  It’s even better when these drivers know their routes like the back of their hands.  Well, something as simple as a drive time map can help your drivers become better acquainted with their routes.  ZipCodesMaps shows you how drive time maps can improve your deliveries. 



A drive time map is a map that outlines all areas that are within a specific drive time of a center point.  Say you own a pizza shop and only want to deliver to addresses within a 20 minute drive time of your store.  A drive time map will show you all locations within that 20 minute drive time.  Drive time maps are great tools for establishing service time guarantees, but how can they improve your deliveries?

Your drivers need to know distances as well as time frames when they are making deliveries.  Marking delivery locations on a drive time map makes it easier to evaluate how long a delivery will take.  Drivers can give better time estimates to their supervisors and to customers.

Drive time maps also help you plan better routes.  Mapping out your route within the context of drive time will help you establish how long each delivery will take and how long your drivers will spend on the road.  You can choose roads that keep you close to your center point and minimize backtracking.

If you are looking for tools to help you make better deliveries, contact ZipCodesMaps.  We create the most accurate drive time maps of any area in the USA.  Select your area and your drive time, as well as the styles, themes, and content for your map.  Include ZIP Codes, carrier routes, demographics, and other information to make your map exactly what you need.

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