What do ZIP Codes Tell you About your Customers: Life Expectancy?

Posted on September 10, 2012


Your ZIP Code determines a lot about you.  It can affect your insurance rates, educational opportunities, and more.  Your ZIP Code also affects the ways businesses interact with you.  ZipCodesMaps continues our series on the importance of ZIP Codes for businesses.  What can something as simple as a ZIP Code tell you about your customers?

 As we discussed in last week’s blog your ZIP Code can determine the educational opportunity for you and your children.  Today, we discuss how a ZIP Code can also affect your life expectancy.

A billboard in the Sacramento InternationalAirport displays two city names, and two numbers.  Stockton 73, Irvine 88.  These aren’t sports scores; they are the life expectancies within these two cities (only 374 miles apart).  In smaller print, the billboard explains: life expectancy is 73 years in Stockton zip code 95202, compared to 88 years in the Irvine zip code 92606 in OrangeCounty.  The rate statewide is 80.1.

Life expectancy can be lowered by an amalgam of factors, say the experts behind the statistics:  poverty, homelessness, smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise and drinking.     Researchers from the Social Science Research Council have designed a nationwide interactive map so that we can look up life expectancies in our own ZIP Code zones.  Although some think that life expectancies are misleading and too varied to reduce down to an average.  Within Stockton, life expectancy can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood as much as 21 years.  The point of the billboard, though, is to hopefully improve public health so that life expectancy is not determined by your ZIP Code.

ZIP Codes can tell you valuable information about your customers.  Two ZIP Codes can have completely different educational opportunities, insurance rates, even life expectancies.  If your business is targeting ZIP Codes for marketing, direct mail, or advertising, you need the most accurate data and the highest quality maps.

ZipCodeMaps can help you target the right ZIP Codes for your business.  Our ZIP Code maps are CASS Certification compatible and are updated every month.  We make ZIP Code maps of any area in the USA and can include demographics, varying degrees of street details, and much more.

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