Best Ways Your Business Can Use Carrier Routes

Posted on September 13, 2012


ZipCodeMaps provides the most accurate, CASS Certification compatible carrier route maps of any area in the USA.  Carrier route maps display the boundaries created by the United States Postal Service that they use to efficiently deliver mail.  Carrier route maps can be very useful to businesses in almost every industry.  ZipCodeMaps shows you the best ways your business can use carrier routes to your advantage.  

 Does your business use direct mail as a way to market directly to your customers?  A carrier route map can help you save on your direct mail by maximizing postal discounts.  By locating the carrier routes in which the greatest numbers of your customers live, you can select the appropriate carrier route for saturation mailing.

Saturation mailing means that your direct mail is sent to at least 90% of the addresses within a carrier route.  Many businesses that use direct mail often mail to an entire ZIP Code or ZIP+4.  While saturation mailing to an entire ZIP or ZIP+4 still gives you discounts, these discounts are minimal compared to the discounts for mailing to a carrier route.  By using a carrier route map and saturation mailing, you save the most on your direct mail.

Another good reason to use a carrier route map is for deliveries.  When the USPS created carrier route boundaries, they designed them to make mail delivery as efficient and as easy as possible for their drivers.  Using these boundaries as a framework for your delivery routes is a great way to group together delivery addresses in the same area and minimize backtracking.

Carrier route maps help businesses manage direct mail, plan deliveries, and more.  If your business is looking for the most accurate carrier route maps, consult ZipCodeMaps.  We provide the most accurate postal maps that cover every level of postal geography—3-digit and 5-digit ZIP Codes, ZIP+4, carrier routes…Our maps are CASS Certification compatible and are updated every month, providing you with information you can trust.

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