Are Delivery Drivers Encouraged to Break Traffic Laws?

Posted on September 21, 2012


We often take advantage of the ability to get food delivered, never thinking about what drivers have to do to meet that 30-minutes-or-less guarantee.  ZipcodeMaps takes a look at what drivers are encouraged to do to make their deliveries on time.  We’ll also show you how an accurate map of your delivery area can help you avoid making your drivers break traffic laws. 

 New York City is a great test area to try and answer this question.  Are delivery drivers encouraged to break traffic laws?  Well, in New York, the answer is yes.  Elected officials frequently receive phone calls about drivers going through red lights and making illegal turns, just to deliver their food on time.

For restaurants, there is hardly any incentive to make sure their drivers obey traffic laws.  Restaurant owners’ main concern is the satisfaction of the customer—and customers are happiest when they receive their food hot and fast.  Restaurant owners usually provide their employees with the same instructions: rush your deliveries, get to the next customer faster and return to the restaurant immediately for the next batch. Traffic laws are the last thing on their minds.

Ironically, urging their drivers to break traffic laws does not make business owners accountable for any laws broken by their employees.  Deliverymen have to pay their own fines.  This can create a hostile work environment and it reflects poorly on the business owner.

There is a way to make your deliveries expediently, AND obey traffic laws at the same time: design better delivery routes.  By mapping out your delivery routes, you can choose the best streets and highways to use; you can design alternate routes in case of construction or traffic; and you can cluster together delivery locations to minimize backtracking.


Design better delivery routes to make your customers happy, your drivers more responsible, and your business more organized.  If you’re looking for the most accurate tools to design better delivery routes, contact ZipCodeMaps.  We provide ZIP Code and carrier route maps of any area in the US.  You can plot your delivery locations and create the most efficient delivery routes using CASS Certification compatible, monthly updated maps.


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