How Map Books Help Your Deliveries

Posted on September 28, 2012


Food deliveries, medical deliveries, flower deliveries; with so many businesses sending their drivers into the streets, there needs to be a safe and fast way to organize stops.  ZipCodeMaps shows you how map books can help your drivers make better deliveries. 

 Many businesses offer delivery services.  And with a growing number of people choosing to shop from their home computers, there is a greater need for delivery services.  But how can you organize all the stops along your delivery route to make things easier for your drivers?

A good way to go about this is with map books.  Map books are a driver’s best friend.  Many map books offer what is called a street index.  What this index does is list all the addresses that are within a certain coverage area.  Say you have a map book of the city of Los Angeles; the map book will break up the entire city into pages, and each page into a grid.  The street index will help you find which page each address is on, as well as where you can find it on the page’s grid.

By using this index, you can zoom in on a particular part of your delivery area.  You can mark all the addresses that are on the same page and organize your deliveries to minimize back tracking and travel time.

If you think your business can benefit from using map books, contact ZipCodeMaps.  ZipCodeMaps offers map books of any area in the US.  We can create maps books for your custom area, including a specific drive time or radius area.  Drive time and radius map books help you organize your deliveries by distance and by travel time.


Contact ZipCodeMaps today.  We provide you with high quality map books to help your drivers make better deliveries

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