West Nile Virus ZIP Codes

Posted on October 2, 2012


The West Nile Virus may not be in the news as much as it once was, but its effects can still be felt.  ZipcodeMaps takes a look at the ZIP codes most affected by the West Nile Virus in the US. 

Undoubtedly, North Texas was hit the hardest with the West Nile Virus this September.  As of last week, there were 950 reported human cases in the state, as well as 34 fatalities due to the virus. Some of the ZIP Codes that were hit the hardest were Dallas’ 75238 and 75230 areas, which reported a combined 20 infections.  Other hard-hit ZIP Codes include Fort Worth’s 24 ZIP Codes that had a total of 70 infections.


Hopefully, we will see an end to the outbreaks of WNV thanks to the Center for Disease Control’s efforts to contain the virus.  The Center for Disease Control has organized West Nile Virus data by ZIP Code, making it easier to analyze and track.  In fact, many groups use ZIP Codes to organize their data and their analysis.  Whether you’re a government organization or a business using direct mail, ZIP Codes can help you measure and organize important data.


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