Minnesota-Based Fitness Company Targets Older Market

Posted on October 19, 2012


Knowing your target market pays off.  Just ask Welcyon.  ZipCodeMaps takes a look at the Minnesota fitness company that is finding success targeting an older demographic. 

Image via welcyon.com

As the Baby-Boomer generation starts to age, something becomes apparently clear to them: they are not ready to get old.  Baby-Boomers, more so than previous generations, have spent large amounts of money on remaining healthy and youthful (and businesses have been reaping the rewards).  Just turn on the TV.  You’ll see plenty of commercials geared towards individuals 50 and older.


Image via welcyon.com

Businesses target Baby-Boomers because they have more money to spend and have generally less brand loyalty than other demographic groups.  Welcyon, a fitness and health franchise, has found success by targeting this growing market of older Americans.  On their website, it states that they offer a “welcoming environment where people over 50 can improve their fitness, build strength, enhance balance and mobility, gain energy and connect with friends.”


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Older Americans are eager to maintain their health, and companies like Welcyon are catering to their needs.  Welcyon has geared their marketing, advertising, and business plan to address the concerns of this older demographic.


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