Examples of Target Market Profiles

Posted on October 24, 2012


Target marketing is a method that helps you more efficiently reach your customers.  But what is a target market and what does a target market profile look like?  ZIPCodeMaps.com shares some examples of what a target market profile should be. 

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Defining your target market is an essential part of any business plan.  But once you’ve assembled all the information you need to actually target your market, chances are you are so overwhelmed with details that you don’t know where to start.  A good next step is to create a target market profile: a written statement describing 10 or more different traits that are part of your target market.  Give your profile a name so it seems like you are describing a real person.


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What does a target market profile look like?  Donna Gunter on biznik.com describes her target market profile like this: “Stacy Stiles is a 43-year old married female solo entrepreneur with a professional organizing business. She’s fairly Internet-savvy and very business-savvy; having been a professional organizer for over 7 years…She works from her home office and makes approximately $85,000/year. She jogs 3 times a week to keep herself in shape for the 2 marathons she participates in each year.”



Print out your profile.  Some marketers even attach pictures to their profiles to make them seem more lifelike.  Wal-Mart is famously publicized as having a target market that is living “paycheck-to-paycheck.”  Not necessarily a long, drawn out target market profile, but an effective one.  A target market profile helps you focus your marketing and advertising campaigns to appeal to your target customers.


So, next time you are defining your target market, use the data you’ve gathered to create a realistic profile for the exact customer you are looking for.  If you need help gathering data to define your market, contact ZIPCodeMaps.com.  We offer the highest quality demographic data for anywhere in the US.  We provide you with demographics such as age, median income, household size, and much more.  Available on maps or as databases, our demographic data can help you target the right customers for your business.


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