New Vehicles Help Businesses Save on Travel and Delivery Costs

Posted on October 29, 2012


With rising gas prices and taxes on fuel emissions looming in the near future, businesses have been searching far and wide for ways to save on their travel costs. shares a few of the suggestions businesses have come up with to save money on their travels and deliveries…including purchasing new company vehicles. 


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If it’s sunny, Go for a Vespa

In areas where rain and rocky terrain aren’t an issue, many businesses have ditched their bulky delivery cars for fuel-efficient Vespas.  They’re smaller, but can fit more than you’d think on a back satchel.  Perfect for pizza deliveries, pharmaceuticals, and more.


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For resale value, Focus on a Ford

Molly Maid, an in-home maid service franchise, asked a few questions when narrowing down its choice of company vehicles: does the car have enough storage capacity? What will be the cost of operating the vehicle?  After extensive research, the franchise chose the Ford Focus, which had impressive gas mileage, as well as the highest resale value out of any of the vehicles they looked at.


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Save the planet with a Toyota Prius

The #1 choice among environmentally-conscious consumers, the Prius is quickly becoming a popular vehicle for businesses as well.  While reducing fuel consumption is a necessity for many businesses, others are more concerned with minimizing their effect on the environment.  Green Cabs, a Detroit, Michigan-based taxi company, conducted research to determine which vehicle had the best gas mileage and the lowest carbon emissions.  The selection of the Toyota Prius was a no-brainer.


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A new vehicle can help your business save money on travels and deliveries.  But, rather than buying a new fleet of cars, there is another, simpler solution.  Rethink where and how your vehicles are driving.  Reexamining delivery and company travel routes can help you save a surprising amount.


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