Looking at Some of The US’s Most Diverse ZIP Codes

Posted on November 29, 2012


Since the US is becoming an increasingly diverse landscape, we thought we’d look at ZIP Codes with the highest diversity rates in the country.  ZIPCodeMaps.com shares the US’s most diverse ZIP Codes


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Seattleites from the 98118 ZIP Code are quite proud of their neighborhood.  This ZIP Code includes areas of Columbia City and Rainier Valley, Washington.  “When I started having a family, I moved up here,” says Mama Dou from Senegal who owns a business in Columbia City. “It’s been great because it’s very diverse. I think there’s a lot of languages spoken here.”  There are 59 languages spoken in the 98118 ZIP Code, according to the 2000 census.


In 98118, you will find residents, government employees, and business owners from all across the globe.  Rami Al-Jebori, the owner of Seattle’s Mawadda Café, is from Iraq.  Other store owners include Native Americans, Hispanics, and many more.  98118 is the most diverse ZIP Code in Seattle and certainly one of the most diverse ZIP Codes in the nation.


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The sunny shores of the Hawaiian Islands attract people from all over the world.  In Kapolei, Hawaii, the population doubled from 1990 to 2010, and residential listings tripled.


The 96707 ZIP Code in Kapolei is among the most diverse in the country (white Americans aren’t even the majority population in this ZIP Code).  It has a majority Asian population (29.2%), followed by individuals who identify themselves as multi-racial (25.7%), whites (19.7%), Hispanics (12.2%), and native Islanders (10.5%).


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