A Whole Lot Goes Into a Domino’s Pizza Delivery

Posted on December 4, 2012


If you think a pizza delivery is as simple as baking a pizza, loading it into a vehicle, and then taking off, think again.  ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look at what REALLY goes into planning a pizza delivery. 


Image via gothamist.com

Image via gothamist.com

Thanks to advanced technology, we now have the ability to visualize the journey a pizza delivery person makes in one night.  Recently, PBS posted a video detailing one driver’s journey in the heart of New York City.  But then they go beyond that, showing you the countrywide delivery system by which Domino’s Pizza franchises get their supplies.  Take a look.



Upon viewing the video, it’s obvious that without some means of planning and organization, Domino’s long string of deliveries would be a lot more chaotic.  Good delivery planning starts with having the right data and the right maps.


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