The Highest Income Earning ZIP Codes

Posted on December 5, 2012


You’ve seen some of the ZIP Codes with the highest home prices in the country.  Now, shows you some of America’s highest income earning ZIP Codes.  


Los Angeles Metro Area Map

As much as you’ve heard great things about the 90210 ZIP Code in Beverly Hills, California, it is NOT the top earning ZIP in the US.  It is in the top 3 though.  The average adjusted gross income for this California ZIP Code is around $3.1 million.  With neighborhoods filled with celebrities and movie stars, that number isn’t too hard to believe.


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Greenwich, Connecticut’s 06830 ZIP Code beat Beverly Hills’ high-earning numbers with an average adjusted gross income of $3.3 million.  The city of Greenwich has the highest wealth value in Connecticut.  Wealth value measures the value of residential and commercial real estate and the town’s tax base available to pay for public education.


New York City Map

New York City: home to Wall Street and nearly 300 million square feet of office space.  Midtown Manhattan is the largest central business district in the United States.  It’s no surprise that New York City’s 10021 ZIP topped the list of highest earning ZIP Codes in the country with an average adjusted gross income of just over $12 million.  Don’t break anything when you’re spending time in this ZIP Code: you just might have to pay for it.


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