Busting ZIP Code Myths

Posted on December 12, 2012


There are a lot of things that ZIP Codes are and a lot of things that ZIP Codes aren’t.  ZIPCodeMaps.com busts what we call “popular ZIP Code myths.”


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Myth #1: Each ZIP Code Describes a Specific Neighborhood


In large cities like Brooklyn and Los Angeles, ZIP Codes don’t represent exact neighborhood lines.  A ZIP Code may contain several high-income neighborhoods, as well as parts of lower-income areas.  Also, neighborhoods are constantly changing.  Giving an area a new name may help to increase home values, but it doesn’t change its ZIP Code. 


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Myth #2: ZIP Codes Are The Same As Voting Districts


While your ZIP Code does determine which congressional district you vote in, ZIP Code boundaries do not follow voting districts.  The two boundaries are completely separate.  ZIP codes are created by the Postal Service, and voting districts are determined by Congress. 


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Myth #3: You Can Use ZIP Codes To Determine The Best Schools


People seem to think that you can determine the good and bad neighborhoods just by looking at their ZIP Codes.  While it is true that many of the best schools are located in upscale, wealthy neighborhoods, others are located in socio-economically mixed areas.  ZIP Codes don’t follow exact neighborhood boundaries and as a result you may have two families that share a ZIP Code but are located in two different school districts. 


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ZIP Codes may not follow voting districts, and they may not help you determine the best schools, but they are very useful for a variety of other purposes.  Businesses use ZIP Codes to target marketing, plan delivery routes, and much more. 


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