Direct Marketing Trends of 2012

Posted on December 28, 2012


2012 was a big year in the marketing world. looks at some of the most popular direct marketing trends of 2012. 


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If 2012 showed us anything, it’s that direct mail is still a valuable resource for direct marketers.  In the digital age, marketers have begun to drift away from direct mail in favor of email marketing, mobile advertisements, and web leads.  But consumers still favor direct mail as a method of communication.  40% of consumers say that they tried a new business after receiving direct mail, and 70% renewed relationships with businesses that they had previously ceased using.


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Businesses also learned the benefits of integrated marketing in 2012.  By combining email marketing, direct mail, and social media, many businesses were able to increase response rates and expand their audiences.  Many companies placed QR codes on their direct mail to direct their customers to custom-designed landing pages.  2013 is likely to bring about new ways of integrating direct mail with digital marketing.


Personalization and targeting were two of the biggest marketing buzzwords in 2012.  Personalization is the process of individualizing marketing materials so prospects see content and offers that best match their interests.  Marketers used advanced demographic data to understand virtually everything about their customers.  This also helped them design targeted ads—ads that are based on a customer’s demographics, lifestyle, or geographic area.


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For direct marketers, having the most accurate, up-to-date data at your disposal is essential.  High-quality demographic data allows you to target and personalize direct mail, and helps you discover new customers.  If your business needs a way to target direct mail, expand your audience, and gain valuable insights into your customers, contact offers the highest quality demographic data, as well as the most accurate postal maps.  Use our products to help manage marketing efforts, organize direct mail campaigns, and more.


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