What Percent of Marketers Know Their Target Audience?

Posted on January 4, 2013


B2C marketers have a broad range of data to draw upon to gain insights into their audience.  B2B marketers, however, often have a harder time understanding their target audience.  ZIPCodeMaps.com takes a look. 


Demographic Report

Understanding demographic trends and consumer behaviors gives you valuable insights into your customers.  But what happens when your customer isn’t a consumer at all, but rather a business?  Do businesses that market to other businesses have a harder time understanding their customers?


According to Demandbase, they do.  Only 31% of small businesses surveyed in this B2B study said they had a complete understanding of their target audience.  The other 69% said they had a basic or limited understanding of their target audience, which is inhibiting their ability to drive sales.  Many of these businesses have difficulty interacting with their target market on social media sites, in advertisements, and through marketing materials.


Image via wikimedia.org

Without a complete understanding of your target audience, your business can only expand so much.  According to Demandbase, lack of budget, personnel, time, and resources are the biggest challenges facing B2B marketers with only a limited understanding of their target audience.


So how can you learn more about the businesses that you are targeting?  Take a look at their geographic locations.  Mapping out the locations of your prospects is an important step in fully understanding their needs.  You should also be looking at their customer bases.  Using demographic data, you can learn more about the customers that these businesses serve.  You can also learn about their competitors, and how large of a market share they have.


Geography and demographics can give you valuable insights into your customers (even if your customers are other businesses).  ZIPCodeMaps.com offers the most accurate, up-to-date maps of anywhere in the US.  We can plot locations onto your map and display 1000s of different demographics.


Contact ZIPCodeMaps.com today.  We can help you gain a better understanding of your target audience